Option 1.

Option 2.

Option 3

Option 4

The familiarization of the goals and criteria will be done first to the student, then to the workplace instructor.

During the familiarization the participants will decide on the use of eLOVE and other mobile applications and digital platforms.

The teacher, the student and the workplace instructor will meet together at the workplace and familiarize themselves with the objectives, competences and criteria of the study module for learning and have a discussion about them.

The student will be familiarized with the goals and competences in the educational field and study module, and after the beginning of the on-the-job learning the student and the workplace instructor will together will familiarize themselves with the objectives of the training. The teacher may be in this conversation through mobile.

The above options will be combined in a functional way. The most important thing is that the workplace instructor and the student have received a familiarization with the criteria of the assessment and the professional requirements of the particular unit.

The utilization of mobile applications before the on-the-job learning has been agreed upon, and each of the participants have a joint understanding of it. eLOVE application is a good tool for guiding the trainee during training period.

Before Practical Training

The student and the workplace instructor will be familiarized with the goals and professional requirements of the portion of the examination. The utilization of eLOVE application, cloud services and wireless networks in the on-the-job learning guidance and the assessment of expertise will be decided on.

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