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For the eLOVE application teacher and student have a user name and a password. When teachers is logged in he has an overview of all of his students.

 By clicking one of the students he can see what kind of tasks the student already did or has uploaded.

The teacher can download the students’ work, check it and give directly a feedback.

For example the tasks would be something technical, the trainee could do his work, take a picture and upload it in the eLOVE app for his trainer, so the teacher could check his trainees’ work even he is not with him.

The trainee can also upload extra files he did if he wants to improve his working skills.

If eLOVE app does not work the other platforms and applications are available.

Student and workplace instructor discuss about workmanship requirements of the unit. These can be found easily with mobile apps and websites and can be easily returned to when needed.

Student, workplace instructor and guiding teacher discuss about job functions, professional requirements and learning through communication software. The date for the discussion can be reserved with an online calendar.

Student shares pictures or videos related to the on the job training through given cloud service for guiding teachers’ and workplace instructors’ viewing.

Uploaded photos and videos can be also shared to students and can also be commented on if wanted.

eLOVE application works as an platform for the process but other applications are available.

During Practical Training

During on-the-job-training the teacher, the student and the workplace instructor are connected by eLOVE and other mobile applications. Ways of taking advantage of mobile depend on which units workmanship requirements are sought and what kind of learning environment workplace instructor offers to student.

Made by: Yrityspalvelu Kunnari & Juotos